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6 Basic but essential elements for website design

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Having a good web design is vital for any online business.For any good web design essential elements remain the same.

Essential elements for a Website Design

 Great Structure :

 Have you ever been on a website that frustrated you because the layout/design wasn’t intuitive? When designing a website, it is paramount that you make the content easily accessible as well as logically organized so that it’s intuitive for your audience to find the information they are seeking. A poorly structured website, no matter how great the content, will make potential customers click away and on to the competition.

Strong Visual Appeal :

You only have three seconds to capture your audiences’ attention so it is crucial that you have a visually appealing design that your audience can relate to. When planning your site design, remember to think about color theory. The right combinations of color — along with a well-conceived design plan and
elements — will not only demonstrate your brand value, but will also help visitors stay on your site longer.

User-Friendly Navigation :

  Nothing will drive customers away faster than confusing or complicated navigation! Your customers should be able to know where they are on your site at all times, and should easily be able to find pages they've already visited.

A Well-Planned Color Scheme :

There can be a lot of meaning behind colors. Different colors and color combinations can evoke different emotions. When choosing a color scheme for your website, think about how your colors are going to be used and where you want to draw attention. Don’t forget to picture your color choices as a part of the different elements of your website, including the background, navigation, links, and call-to-action buttons.

Interesting and Readable Typography :

What is typography? Simply, it’s the art and technique of arranging type. Typography includes the font family, style, and size of a font. For your body copy, choose a font and size that are easy to read, even in large amounts of text. You can be a little bit more playful with headings and calls to actions. Just remember, the fonts you choose need to be easy for your visitors to read; chances are, if your text is too difficult to read, your visitors are just going to skip over it.

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  1. "Readable Typography" - well for a start don't overuse italics as they are difficult to read in large chunks of text.

  2. please change the spelling from "assential" to "essential" !!!!

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