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mistakes to avoid while mobile application, tips for mobile application development

There are some mistakes to avoid while developing a Mobile Application.

Mistakes while developing a Mobile Application

1. Understand who will use your app and why :

Don' make the mistake of developing an application that don't offer anything or aren’t conducive to the mobile experience. Users want something they can use quickly and easily. So Don’t release an application unless you have a clear understanding of what function it’ll perform for the users and who your target market is.

2. Building for Multiple Platforms at Once :

Avoid doubling your engineering costs and focus on building on one platform first. It’s better to finalize an app on iOS and have a couple of iterations before porting it to Android (or vice versa).

3. Develop for any version :

To develop effective mobile web applications, you’ve got to think “light.” Understand that not everyone using your company’s application will have the latest, greatest smart phone and many may be using slower devices. Keeping these people in mind is essential. 

4. simplicity

 This goes not only for the actual function of your mobile app, but also for its layout and design. Aesthetics play an enormous role in determining whether or not someone is going to actually use an application. Remember that your target audience is accessing the application on a screen not much bigger than a credit card, and that failing to embrace a simplistic and sparse design can result in an ugly interface. And nobody likes an ugly interface. 

5.Not Testing the App :

 In addition to mobile design and development, you should test the app to ensure that no bugs reach the user and ruin their experience.

I have found these mistakes if you have more ..Please share with us in comments..


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  1. You are right that the app developers should consider these points to avoid mistakes for better app that can be more and more popular.
    In some of the app I have seen that the Design and the User Interface is not good, thay can be more attractive. And also sometimes it is quiet tough to understand that app. So these points should also be included to the Mobile apps developers for betterment


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