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M2Soft Update : Web Design Process

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Building a website includes  a process that every web designer should use. This process covers all the steps from deciding on a website to building it and deliver.

Web Design Process :

Purpose : 

Knowing the purpose of the site will help you set Goals for the site as well as help determine your target audience.This includes client goals, target audience, detailed feature requests and as much relevant information as you can possibly gather.

Planning :

Many people think this is where you jump into your Web Editer and start building, but the best sites start with a plan and start that plan even before the first wire-frame is built.

Your design plan should include:
  • Details about the Information Architecture
  • The planned structure of the site
  • A sitemap of the pages to be designed and built
  • And technical details like: if scripts or Ajax will be used, whether there will be a server-side language like PHP in use, if you need a Shopping cartand so on.
Designing :

The design stage typically involves moving the information outlined in the planning stage further into reality.If you’ve done a good job planning and designing your site, then building the HTML and CSS will be easier. And for many of us, this is the best part.

You will use lots of different technologies to build your site:
  • HTML – this is the basis of your website, and if you learn nothing else, you should Learn html
  • CSS – Once you know HTML, CSS helps you create the design you planned.

Testing  :

Testing your website is critical both throughout the building phase and after you’ve gotten it built. While you’re building it, you should Preview your pagesperiodically to make sure your HTML and CSS are working correctly.

Delivery :
After testing the website final step is to deliver the website for development or launch.
I have found these Points to make a website design process. if you can add more please add it ...VIA COMMENTS

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