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Types of mobile applications in mobile application development, mobile application development in indore, Native, hybrid and mobile web applications

In Mobile Application Development there are many  antithetical views on the types of mobile applications can be developed for mobile devices. but most of the applications can be divided in three types...

Types of Mobile Application 

1. Native Mobile Application

Native mobile applications are completely coded in a specific programming language ( Ex. Objective C and Java) using the sdk of any platform (like Android and iOS). The language is used to implement both UI and functionality.These  apps provide fast performance and a high degree of reliability.
                They have access to a phone’s various devices,  like its camera and address book.and users can use some apps without having any  Internet connection.

2)Hybrid Mobile Applications:

Hybrid Apps use a skeleton native apps, run on the device, and load web content in it. This web content may be static or dynamic. You can use various HTML5 technologies and come up with an amazing user interface.
                        These apps can use device functionality like camera , contacts et cetera,thanks to the skeleton native application.

3)Mobile Web Application:

These App stored on a remote server and delivered over the internet through a browser (Ex : WebKit,Chrome,Firfox on Android).

 For Example : is the mobile web application of in which App developers can customize their websites to load content more efficiently.
These Apps cannot use device functionality.

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