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multiple choice Question and answers for PHP developers, PHP technical interview Questions for Developers, interview questions

Here are some questions from M2Soft Solutions improve web development skills of PHP developers


PHP Questions and answers


Que. 1 Variables/functions in PHP don't work directly with:

a. echo()
b. isset()
c. print()
d. All of the above

Que. 2 How does the identity operator === compare two values? 
1) It converts them to a common compatible data type and then compares the resulting values
2) It returns True only if they are both of the same type and value
3) If the two values are strings, it performs a lexical comparison
4) It bases its comparison on the C strcmp function exclusively

Que. 3 Which of the following multithreaded servers allow PHP as a plug-in?

a. Netscape FastTrack
b. Microsoft's Internet Information Server
c. O'Reilly's WebSite Pro
d. All of the above

Que. 4 In PHP the error control operator is _______

a) .
b) *
c) @
d) &

Que.5 The inbuilt function to get the number of parameters passed is:

a. arg_num()
b. func_args_count()
c. func_num_args()
d. None of the above

Que. 6 Variable scope on which a variable does not loose its value when the function exists and use that value if the function is called again is:

a. Local

b. function parameter

c. static

d. None of above

Que. 7 Which of the following is not a predefined constant?

d. _FILE_

Que.8 PHP variables are

a) Multitype variables
b) Double type variables
c) Single type variable
d) Trible type variables

Que.9 Which of the following variable names are invalid? (choose 2)

a. $var_1
b. $var1
c. $var-1
d. $var/1
e. $v1

Que. 10 Which of the following functions output text?

a. echo()
b. print()
c. println()
d. display()

The Answer-sheet of these questions will be available Tomorrow..

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