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Principles Of Effective Logo Design

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Hello Everyone,
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A logo is a benchmark for any company. Branding of any company can be effectively done by a logo. so a logo must be effective. There are some principles to make your logo effective.

Principles of Effective logo design 

1. Simple : 

People can recognise simple logos as soon as they see them. a fast way for users to notice and remember your brand.

2. Memorable : 

A logo should make an impact on users.If  you want to get attention of your users and make  impression Then logo must be  be memorable

3. Timeless : 

A great logo should be timeless. Don't be too trendy, a logo is your brand identity it should be effective in 10, 20 or 50 years?

4. Versatile : 

 your logo must be equally good on any media ( Any web device or print material ). For that logos should be designed in vector format.

5. Appropriate : 

You should always think about your industry and your intended audience. your logo should relates the work you are doing.

Let me know.. "What do you think".. Share in comments.

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