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Best tools to test responsive websites

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As we all know a huge amount of internet has been shifted to the mobile devices
 ( smartphones, tablets). So having a Responsive Web Design is must in this competitive market place.

Today i am here with some ways to test your Responsive Web Design. have a look...

 Ways to test Responsive Websites

1. Aptus : 

Aptus is one of my favourite method. it is a little Mac application allows us to test responsive websites.

allows To :
A. setup multiple breakpoints for testing your site on several devices

B. change the user agent for the browser as well

by the help of this you can test your website using any "Modern" broeser.Aptus It is not free, but it cost only $2.99 from the Mac app store.

2. Responsinator

If you don't use the apps or you don't have mac then there is a in-browser tool that is Responsinator. it is easy to use and well designed tool. it doesn't offer user agent modification means you will have to load it up in many browsers. But it offers a good selection of device size for testing. Its free of cost. 

3. Screenfly

It is also a browser-based tool, but it has much richer tool then Responsinator.This tool offers multiple breakpoints including mobile, tablet, desktop, and (surprisingly) TV and you can also rotate displat and enable/disable scrolling on the web page.

4.  Responsive Web Design Testing Tool

Its again a browser based tool. it is a simple RVD testing tool offers Multiple device sizes and just pixel dimensions. This tool can be forked on github. Again this tool doesn't offer user agent testing but it is still a nice tool.

5. Adobe Edge Inspect

Adobe edge inspect is a part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud platform. It allows you to test your responsive web designs to multiple mobile devices. But you will actually have to have the devices in order for this to function and you need to install an app on said devices in order for your desktop to communicate with it.Basically this app syncs whatever you’re looking at in a desktop browser with the app’s built-in browser and allows you to interact with and refresh the pages as needed. Providing you have multiple devices for testing, this is an absolutely amazing tool.

Please Share your experience or any suggestion with us .. VIA COMMENTS

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