Sunday, 1 February 2015

Web Design Company
If you are starting your business online, you may need to hire a web design company for fulfilling your requirements. Top reviews of web design companies suggest  "a single portfolio = thousand words." Lets have a look at  some things on which you need to focus properly.

1. Website Portfolio: 
First checkout whether the website is including any portfolio or not.Website portfolio can be updated in a regular basis to maintain the previous works properly.Portfolio can be considered as the face of the company So it should be  appealing to the new visitors coming in your site.

2. Amount of Work: 

If there is an attractive portfolio in the website,Go through all the activities and understand the number of work done by that company.Now You can calculate the number of projects done by the company per year with a simple calculation. this will provide a simple answer that "Company can complete how many Projects in a year." Design of the website may take average 2-4 weeks to complete the full task.

3. Kinds of Work:  

To understand what types of work they are expertise in, You can go through the whole portfolio. If you find 2-3 works similar to the type you want, you can choose the company.

4. Work Quality:  

To know the work quality go to the live websites of the portfolio. You can check  the loading time ( simple HTML site is taking a longer loading time), colour combination and and navigation ( User-friendly or not ) of website.

5. Real Owners:

You might get the contact information of the real owners in the portfolio or testimonials. This will help in preventing the fake owners with some quirky and duplicate website designs.

So, if you can study the portfolio properly before selecting a web design company you can obtain a perfect web design company.You may provide an ample amount of study of the portfolio with all the above mentioned point.


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