Friday, 6 February 2015

There are a few things that separate great web developers from good web developers. What are the things you will need to become great developer? Let’s have a look: 

A great web developer.......

1. Build a website with end goal in mind :

There are two types of developers a developers one who works fast and reckless and other who takes it slowly but surely?Fast developer’s end-product will almost certainly be buggy and will be difficult to maintain. Choose the second option, Be sure, take few hours to produce something that will have longevity.

2. Is Organized : 

By Being organized I mean "The way you arrange your code". Well Arranged code will be much easier to maintain, optimize, and extend, making for more efficient developers.

3. Use bug trackers : 

Every project have thousands, or even million lines of code. its more practical to have a software then manually looking through thousand lines of code. Use of bug trackers will  improve work flow and It will make your product better and efficient as well.

4. Test and fix the website : 

Testing a website is vital for any web developer. To become a good web developer you will need to test the website, app or software you are creating before launch. and fix the bugs or issues in your website before launching it.

5. Optimization :

As a developer you will need to create effective products which are both functional and pleasing to eye. For that firstly you will need to focus on making of your project. Next improve its speed. And lastly, worry about aesthetics.

6. Builds for both ends : 

For most of the websites, a front-end without a back-end is useless, and a back end without a front-end is even worse. Remember both ends deserves equal consideration.

Let me know What do you think about this article... hare with us in comments.


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