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Android Launcher apps free download

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One of the best aspect regarding Android is that it is so easy to customize almost every part of your device.  Launchers are the applications that let you totally change the look of your 'home screen' - the interface that you see when you press the home button.

What are Launchers :

They don't simply give you a chance to change icons and can customize  every transition and animation,
change the grid or even replace the app drawer with a smart interface as well. 

Here are our top Android launcher picks.

1. Nova Launcher

In case you're an enthusiastic customiser, then the decision is really basic. You have to get Nova Launcher.This has been one of our top picks for quite a while in view of the crazy level of customisation it offers. You can change everything from the edges around application icons to the scroll icon on the home screen.

Free Download Nova Launcher 


This launcher sorts all your apps according to your usage. It makes Frequently used  apps to  show up on your default home screen and sorts similar apps into smart folders automatically.

Free Download EverythingMe Launcher

3. Google Now Launcher

This is the default launcher on Nexus and Android One cell phones, and can be install on different devices as well. It is an excellent choice if  you need to move from producers' bloated launchers to a stock Android devotes a whole screen for Google Now, which will satisfy the individuals who use Google's application. The Now Cards have relentlessly been getting more helpful, and that makes this launcher really convenient.

Free Download Google Now Launcher

 4. Wiser

It is a basic launcher that will speak to the individuals who find cell phone UI excessively complicated. Its home screens have only six major icons each, where you can execute your favourite apps , for example, messages, contacts and stick up to six of your most loved contacts.

Free Download Wiser Launcher

Which one do you like the most... Share with us in comments.

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