Tuesday, 3 February 2015

A business website represents a company or organisation around the globe.So While building business or corporate website it is necessary to include some features that will provide the required boost for business.

Today I am here with  some essential features for a business website. Have a look.....


To connect with the potential customers better it is vital to have a storytelling website. Its a good idea but what to tell and how. Here is the solution, Aesop Story Engine allows you to amalgamate a number of media and narrate a wonderful story to the customers.

Pay Attention to the Backgrounds

As far as designing is concerned,  the ability to use more than the mere static images in background opens up a world of new possibilities. If you are not utilizing the background images, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity to attract consumers.


According to current website design trends animations have arrived as the next big thing for the business websites. Primary Reason behind this is the evolution of animations as better and more sophisticated tools. The web designers have discovered that these components can be used in more subtle ways to get the desired effect. Transition, motion and gestures are some of the features that are utilized while incorporating animations. 

Ghost Buttons
Now a days Call to Action buttons are simply out of vogue. The elegant, transparent surfaces blending seamlessly with the background are the latest trend as far as the buttons are concerned. They are separated from the background with the help of a border. Known as the ghost buttons, these are slightly larger than the usual buttons. 

Cards in Web Design

The cards can be utilized as starting points so that the visitors can plan how they want to interact with the website content. This feature can be used to present an engaging preview.Card Design is more appealing and versatile to enhance the media and interactive preferences. 

Regards : M2Soft Solutions


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