Monday, 9 February 2015

Various people thinks that building an application for mobile devices is same as building for desktops. But the truth is Developing a mobile application that runs across multiple devices is challenging.

How to overcome the challenges of Mobile app development ?.... Here are some tips :

Challenge 1. Different Screen sizes:

Screen size for a computer or a laptop is usually 13 to 15 inches and for mobile devices screen sizes starts from 3 inches and ends up with tablet around 10 inches. Whatever you can see on 13+ inches is not easily places on mobile devices.

Tip : 

Work according to minimalist approach that means Keep only those items which are absolutely necessary for functionality of application.

Example: Facebook

Challenge 2. Touch VS Click:

The users of the application use fingers to interact with UI not the pointer of mouse. Does it make any difference? absolutely with the mouse pointer a user can select precise points on the screen because pointer selects only one pixel on the contrary even a child's finger touch could use 15 pixels and adults could easily take up 30 pixels and may be more.

Tip :

The UI should display large interaction points not the usual size. That means Buttons, links and text boxes should have longer Tap-able Area.

Challenge 3. Shortage of memory:

Mobile devices does not have vast amount of memory, battery life and space to their small size.

Tip :

Consistently keep in mind the memory and storage While coding. Not only that also keep in mind that other applications will be going to be run in the background.

Challenge 4. Layout and flow

Because of the small screen space mobile developers and designers have to find ways to compensate.

Tip :

Do not fit all the features into one screen, break them into multiple screens and a navigation system.

For example :

Facebook : on web page, there are both login and sign up forms. On the other hand on mobile devices there is only a login form with a button for user login. Facebook separated the screens for login and sign up forms for better Layout and flow of content.

Challenge. 5 User experience

Now a days it is vital to Create a user friendly mobile application. Because it could be very easy that a user frustrate from the app and never download or use the app on such a small screen.

Tip :

To avoid that issue mobile app experts have suggested and created components. Such as a navigation menu by which a user can easily use and enjoy the app. 

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