Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Mobile application development is an major part of IT industry And that's why it is common choice for any start-up development company. But only creating mobile application does not make any difference you will have to provide quality applications to be successful in this competitive market-place. Every mobile application has some common characteristics they are as follow :

1. visibility of app status :

A app should always inform people that what is going on through appropriate feedback. For

example: shazam provides feedback as it analyses audio.

2. match between app and real world :

The app should sense user's environment and adopt the information display accordingly.

Example : google app deliver location secretive results.

3. Emergency Exit :

Sometimes users choose app functions by mistake and needs a clearly marked emergency exit.

Example : “cancel” or x buttons are common I-phone controls

4. Error Prevention :

Check for error-prone conditions and Eliminate them. "present users with a conformation option."

Example : spell check has option to reject the recommendations.

5. Consistency and convention :

Users should not have to wonder whether words, situations or actions Which are different mean the same


Example : kindle use standard controls for bookmarking and showing progress.

6. Recognition rather then Recall :

Make objects, actions and options visible to Minimise the user's memory load.

Example : The yelp's “recents” tab stores businesses recently visited.

These are some ingredients for success of a mobile app.  

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M2Soft solution is a leading Mobile Application Development company in India. We are specialised in providing excellent mobile application development services to enhance business growth of clients all around the Globe. We Have a team of passionate and dedicated individual who are able to to develop innovative applications for any mobile application platform.



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