Wednesday, 11 February 2015

In today's competitive market having a unique and interactive and fully functional

website is vital to boost your business online. Remember, A well­ designed website is one

of the most effective marketing tool you’ve got. How do you know when should you 

redesign your website ? Lets have a look..

1. Not getting results you want :

No matter how much you like your website If your website is not able to provide your 

desired results. It is all about how your website attract, and engage visitors and provide 

the results you want.

2. To add more functionality :

If you want to add a blog, forums, e-commerce, or other major features or tools to

your website, redesign a website is probably in order.

3. To make your website responsive :

Now a days a huge amount of Internet is shifted to mobile phones and tablets. If

your website is not responsive then there are chances to loose your potential


4. Change of business focus :

Sometimes business goals changes over time and your website should support these 

changes. A good thing is that technology gives your business the ability to shift focus 

easily and quickly. It also gives your business more opportunities to expand into different


5. Design Looks Outdated :

Now a days, there are thousands of websites on Internet. Your website design should

be unique and informative to attract your targeted audience.

6. To improve usability :

You have only a few seconds to tell your customers that their need is full filled. If

your website is complex and user can not find what he/she wants. In that case, you’ll

definitely want a new website design that’s user­ friendly and keeps your customers

and prospects happy.

These are some important reasons when you will need to redesign your


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