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Tips to create a SEO friendly website by M2Soft

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When you are starting a online business or to improve a offline business having a SEO friendly website is must. Now a days content is the king, and SEO is the queen. They both runs equally and are extremely important for ranking website naturally.

How to make a website SEO friendly

1. SEO Friendly url :

Url is the first piece of information the spiders interpret To make a url SEO friendly keep it keyword rich and meaningful for the spiders.

2. Heading tag :

Provide your keywords in H1 and H2 tags that you want to be rank. Headings assigned more value then the other text because it usually comes before description.

3. Meta tags :

Meta tag us one of the oldest and a very important technique for the success of a web page in SEO.You want a Meta title, description and meta keywords, which is going to really help your website be understood – if your content matches the same niche as your meta tags.

4. Content :

content of your website should be unique and relevent and matches the images around it (if images are there in website). several times search engine punished the websites for duplicate or irrelevant content.

5. Sitemap :

A sitemap contains hyperlink of every web page on your website. it make finding a specific page on your website easier for users. It is very important to generate a sitemap of your website to make it strong web of back-links because it increases the amount of links to your website.

6.Optimise images :

Search engine can not read images. They only read content so for the optimisation of images use tag which will allow you to include a keyword in the description of the image.

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