Wednesday, 18 February 2015

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Designing a website is always a interesting and exciting challenge for every web designer.There are no rules and regulations to design a website. Your choice depends on the website on which you are working. But while designing a website there are a few things to be aware of...

What Should we do

1. Architecture should Be informative :

How information is organised and presented is become more important today . because now a days website provides a wide range of information and resources to attract their target market. To make your website with grid structure is a great idea for attracting people on your website. we can always add our creative designing stuff on the website after it is properly structured with grid layouts.

2. Navigation should be simple and readable :

Navigation should be easy and noticeable. Navigation are used to take user from one page to another. If navigation are not noticeable than whats the point of having it. Navigation should be on the top of the website so that every user can see it easily and able to go to different pages on the website.

3. What's Important :

Keep your focus on main purpose, for example if you are working on a website that sells a particular product ( Ex : Ecommerce Websites). Then your purpose is to keep products structured and interesting way. Which attract your targeted audience

4. Font and font sizes :

Font and font sizes are very important part of web designing. While writing the content choose attractive fonts which give user a unique experience. And select the correct font size which will make your website content attractive.

5. Keep forms simple :

According to the statistics Web forms with more than 3 items (name,email,other item) have a lower sign up rate then short and easy forms.people hate doing this for too long So keep it short and simple.

Should not do :

1.Use of too many colours to build website :

Use of too many colour doesn't make your website attractive. It make shocking website for the visitors. And people will not stay in your website for a long time. Pick a colour scheme with no more then 5 colours, your website will look much better

2. Don't make your website without search box :

People does not have time to search whole website for their desired content. If user will not see the search box. He/she will leave the website without wasting any time. Having a search box on your website makes user comfortable.

3. Irrelevant page across your web page :
When you are going to try and make some money from your website. Don't put irrelevant add across your web page. Because if user will see 70% of ads and 30 % of content then he/she will leave the page and will never come back.

4. Don't write big paragraphs :
If you will write a paragraph more then 1000 words without a paragraph breaks. User will irritate and will leave your website. Use paragraph break and make your content easier to read.

5. Don't full your page with keywords :

Don't think that google and readers are fools.If you will put your main keyword 20 times in a paragraph. It will not only read very poorly but Will penalised. So write quality content which is interesting to read without keyword stuffing. And make it SEO Friendly.

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